Customized Prepaid & EFT Platforms


Define Your Goal
What is your product or service going to do?  What is its core appeal?
​What concrete problem is it going to solve, or what part of life is it going to make better?

Your Back-End Requirements
By defining your goals it will become the foundation of your back-end structure, servers, APIs, and data diagrams, payment gateways and depository fund flows. 

The EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) & Prepaid Processing Platforms
Whether you’re looking to get a co-branded prepaid debit card, set up an eWallet, mobile-wallet or set up a payment solution, the business requirements must be defined before selecting the best platform for you. 

Customize Your Platform
With StoredValue Plus, you have open flexibility for your program. Whether you want to establish a co-branded prepaid program with Visa or MasterCard, create a restrictive authorization network, support non-Visa or non-MasterCard networks and reload networks, integrate with other payment channels such as mobile, or launch a private label solution, we have the resources and expertise to make you successful. Whether you use an existing prepaid platform or a configurable platform it allows you to select the best customized functions to differentiate your EFT or prepaid card products & services to implement multiple market-driven programs simultaneously, stay competitive and

As a StoredValue Plus program partner, you can choose from a wide array of features and functionality to maximize your programs:

Web services. Seamlessly integrate the platform with your in-house applications via an XML interface. This allows you to incorporate prepaid functionality into existing applications with single sign-on support, create customized cardholder web sites, optimize back-office operations, increase automation, and reduce costs.

Configurable consumer web sites. Offer your customers branded, real-time access to a full range of prepaid card services to encourage self service.
Comprehensive authorization controls. Optimize authorizations for risk mitigation and a better customer experience. Our proven system allows parameter modification and partial authorization, as needed.

Selecting a flexible platform allows issuers in a wide array of businesses to capitalize on market opportunities, including:

  • Third-party distribution
  • Insurance claims
  • Payroll
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail
  • Check cashing
  • Transit
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Franchise operations
  • Government/benefits disbursement
  • Disaster relief